Historic Scotland Properties

Latest update 20/03/2018 with 333 locations in the file.

Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government and cares for Scotland's historic built environment. These range from virtually stones in the ground to castles in the air, like Edinburgh Castle! They are organised into several key business areas to ensure a strong foundation in building a successful future for Scotland and are the biggest operator of paid attractions in Scotland, but of the 345 sites only 74 charge admission. If you are an English Heritage member you will get in for free. In general the locations mark the entrance to the property but where there are no mapped roads nearby the nearest appropriate approach point is indicated. Some sites have cross country access and a suitable car park may be plotted. Other car parks may be available. Where there is a parking restriction at the property then nearest available car parks may be given in addition. The basis for this file is the list of properties on The Historic Scotland web site. The telephone number for each property or site is provided where available. Check the Historic Scotland web site to ensure the property is open before setting off.

Edinburgh Castle Huntingtower Castle Huntingtower Castle Duff House Duff House Huntly Castle Huntly Castle Tolquhon Castle Tolquhon Castle Kildrummy Castle Kildrummy Castle

The files are available in Tomtom ov2, Garmin csv and gpx, Volvo Sensus gpx, Google Earth kml and Google Maps kmz format. The Tomtom ov2 files can be used in the CoPilot phone navigation app. See the included instructions.

The Google Earth kml and Google Maps kmz files also contains links to the relevant pages on the Historic Scotland web site. Just click on the icons to reveal the links.

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