The Historic Houses Properties

Latest update 29/03/2018 with 445 locations in the file.

The Historic Houses Association (HHA) was formed in 1973 and represents over 1600 of the United Kingdom's privately and charitably owned historic properties. The properties are usually Grade I or Grade II listed and are preserved as part of Britain's heritage. Many of them allow visits from the public to look around their gardens and their houses. Many are still occupied by their owners. There are more privately owned houses open to the public than owned by the National Trust, English Heritage and their counterparts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined!

The HHA has recently rebranded to form Historic Houses.

In general the locations mark the entrance to the property but where there are no mapped roads nearby the nearest appropriate approach point is indicated. The owners of the houses charge a fee for admission but in many cases members of Historic Houses are not charged. Where they are charged is indicated by the word (Fee) after the name. Where there is a parking restriction at the property then nearest available car parks may be given in addition eg Walsingham Abbey Grounds (No Parking) and also Walsingham Abbey Grounds (Public Car Park). The basis for this file is the list of properties on the Historic Houses web site. The telephone number or email address for each property is provided where available. ALWAYS check with the property to ensure it is open before setting off. Many of the properties require you to book in advance or require a group booking!

Stowe Coughton Court Waddesdon Manor Gardens Spetchley Park Gardens Spetchley Park Gardens Spetchley Park Gardens Kelmarsh Hall Kelmarsh Hall Harvington Hall Harvington Hall

The files are available in Tomtom ov2, Garmin csv and gpx, Volvo Sensus gpx, Google Earth kml and Google Maps kmz format. The Tomtom ov2 files can be used in the CoPilot phone navigation app. See the included instructions.

The Google Earth kml and Google Maps kmz files also contains links to the relevant pages on the Historic Houses web site. Just click on the icons to reveal the links. Ones with red icons charge a fee, even for members.

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