How it all started

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The idea for these files started in 2006 when I was going on a short break holiday driving through France. I had seen the film 'Oh What A Lovely War' some years earlier and was moved by the closing scenes. I decided I would visit at least one of the cemeteries to see for myself. Some of the major cemeteries were on my route through France and I thought perhaps I would visit them if time and wife permitted. Having recently been given a satnav I planned to find out the co-ordinates of the cemeteries, feed them into my satnav and the rest would be easy.

I made up a small POI file and put it onto my satnav. I was surprised how easy and stress free it was to visit the cemeteries using a satnav. No more arguing with my wife about which was the best route. We found several cemeteries during our short holiday. Once I was home I started work on making a larger file and it eventually grew to a fair size including cemeteries in Belgium, France and Holland. I posted it on one or two forums as a downloadable file. It was then that Terry Denham, from the Great War Forum, joined forces with me and encouraged me further. His assistance was incredible and still is. He runs his own website called The In From The Cold Project and he also wanted the GPS locations for his website, so we shared the data. He became involved with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and they asked me, through him, if I would be interested in plotting the ones in the UK. I started on it and immediately Terry joined in the work and later secured the assistance of Mike Cole. Between the three of us we completed the UK and went on to the rest of the world. What a task! It must have taken us thousands of hours. There are only a few left now which are in remote areas where the resolution of Google is not so good. We will get there someday! I added the other POI files for the National Trust and English Heritage etc as a bonus for those who love to explore and visit interesting places.

This website is dedicated to the continued memory of those men and women of the Commonwealth who died as a result of the World Wars.

Each location has been checked for its precise position using Google Earth and Street View taking into account accessibilty etc. These are NOT just a mere conversion of post codes into locations. Entrances and exits to locations are not always by the same route. Some locations are not near to a road shown on a satnav, so the best approach road is shown which should ensure you find your destination. These files are free. They took thousands of hours to research. We hope you find them useful and enjoy visiting the locations. Feel free to distribute these files but please let the recipient know where they came from. Don't sell these files as they are copyright and please don't post them on the internet. POIGRAVES is in no way connected with The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, The National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, The Youth Hostel Association, The National Trust For Scotland, Cadw or GOV.UK.

Use of these files is entirely at your own risk. Remember it is your responsibility to drive safely and in a manner that will not cause an accident. Do not operate your satnav while driving. The information provided by these POI files is purely advisory.