Download Accurate POI Satnav files for free!
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This web site is dedicated to the service men and women of the Commonwealth forces who lost their lives as a result of the two World Wars.

It provides Point Of Interest (POI) files for satellite navigation systems used mainly in vehicles. Use of the files enables you to easily find the location of a place of interest and navigate there using a satnav. You can also view the POIs as icons on Google Maps or Google Earth.

The files are available in Tomtom ov2, Garmin csv and gpx, Volvo Sensus gpx, Google Earth kml and Google Maps kmz format. The Tomtom ov2 files can be used in the CoPilot phone navigation app. See the included instructions.

Tomtom Tomtom select POI Tomtom select POI Import a kmz file into Google Maps Garmin Custom POIs Garmin select POI file Garmin select POI Tomtom Navigate to Tomtom select POI file Tomtom select POI Tomtom select POI Tomtom select POI Historic Houses on Google Earth

The files need to be downloaded first to your computer and then copied to your device. Click on the file you require above and then select the type of file for your device from the list. Installation instructions are included in the download.

The Tomtom POI files are also available on Tomtom HOME which is an online update programme for older types of Tomtom. Search for 'Poigraves' on Tomtom HOME.


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